High-powered Energy Storage Power Station 2200W More Functional

更新时间:2022-11-01 15:42:34

  Since the prevalence of energy storage power in the past two years, many people have an increasing demand for high-power power supply. As a large-capacity charging station, it can run farther without any worries. Today lets see why people have been more inclined to 2200W high-power portable power station?


  1. Fast charging speed, 2 hours can be full charged

  As a high-powered energy storage power, the pursuit of fast full charge is one of our major advantages, but also to solve many temporary travel needs of electricity worries. 1.6 hours can be charged to 90% of the power, two hours can be full.Full power charging, worry-free travel.


  2. No need adapter light travel

  In the past, the energy storage power charging are required to have an adapter, but indeed the adapter will be a little heavy.Now the launch of  of 2200W comes without heavy adapter,travel will be lighter.


  3.Car emergency power supply self-driving will be more reassure

  It is a trouble that if no power to start car when going outside, especially if to remote places where the surrounding environment cannot find the power supply to start car.Our new 2200W high-power energy storage power  take into account the many people with a car this trouble, increased the car emergency power supply function, to a large extent to solve the car suddenly no power troubles.


  4. High-power energy storage power vs small fuel generators, environmental protection and safety

  Compared to the traditional small fuel generator with large size, cumbersome operation process and pollution, we introduced the 2200W portable power station can easily solve such problems above. Small size, easy to carry, this 2200W portable power station can support the operation of high-power outdoor appliances, safety and environmental protection, which is easy to operate.


  5. Phone APP remote operation is more convenient

  During this intelligent era, using the phone App to detect is more convenient. Comes with a phone APP can monitor the use of power in real time, if you encounter a power emergency can also be charged in a timely manner, always put ready to store power, but also monitor whether the phone and other appliances are fully charged at any time.


  We currently has launched 500W-2200W and other different power energy storage power, if you want to know other portable power station, welcome to visit the official website for more details:www.nimova.com.Guangzhou  Keyshop Sci&Tech., one-stop ODM supplier of portable power station.

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