Self-driving Trips 1500W Portable Power Station Must be the First Choice

更新时间:2022-10-28 13:56:34

  In the past two years, self-driving has stimulated consumer demand for outdoor power, especially for a group of long-distance driving, equipped with high-powered portable power station is very important, because the outdoor power has always been a headache for self-driving enthusiasts. Today we recommend a set of value and function of the 1500W portable power station.


  1. Multiple charging methods, outdoor driving tour is not afraid

  We have three charging methods: Type-C, solar panels, adapters, outdoor driving to remote places if you can not find the charging port, you can also directly use the solar light can be renewed to the energy storage power, no need to worry about the energy storage power out of power.


  2. The top has two wireless chargers, supply power to 9 devices at the same time

  Two wireless charging design,phone charging becomes more convenient during self-driving tour. Multiple ports can achieve freedom of power usage, 9 power output ports can be used at the same time.65WPD fast charging, faster charging speed and faster departure. Also there is  cigarette lighter port can also charge the car, making self-driving trips more worry-free.

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  3.1560 hours of testing, safety is guaranteed
  Adopting high efficiency protection against thermal runaway of electric core, protecting the power supply safely and efficiently. After 6 categories, 62 items, more than 1560 hours of safety testing, and through the BMS ten safety protection, three-line NTC temperature test, which ensure that every portable power station delivered to customers are safe and secure.

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  4. Various application scenarios Self-driving travel become more secure

  Support the application of multiple scenarios, high-power energy storage power is more suitable for outdoor long-distance self-driving, outdoor movies, outdoor work and other scenarios that require electricity.Outdoor self-driving can use different functions of portable power station , outdoor work is more environmentally friendly and safe.

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  5. Applied to different power appliances to achieve freedom of electricity

  Whether it is a small power like speakers, cameras and then high-power household appliances, such as coffee machines, kettles, and then outdoor work power tools. The portable power station can cover a wide range of power, high-power appliances can also use it.


  6. LED light design, three modes of functions

  LED lights are set on the side of the portable power station, with three modes of functions: lighting, alarm and SOS. Press one time of the light button will start the lighting function when you encounter a power failure, and press it three times will start SOS when you encounter danger, which will ensure outdoor safety.


  We currently has launched 500W-2200W and other different power energy storage power, if you want to know other portable power station, welcome to visit the official website for more  Keyshop Sci&Tech., one-stop ODM supplier of portable power station.

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