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    Guangzhou Keyshop Sci&Tech Co., Ltd., founded in 2017 with a registered capital of 60 million yuan, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangzhou Echom Sci&Tech Co., Ltd. (002400), the first share of China's industrial design.   

Relying on several national and provincial R & D platforms such as national industrial design center, national enterprise technology center and national recognized laboratory, the company provides customers with one-stop innovative design and product incubation services from market research, product definition, product R & D, mold design and development, supply chain management to finished product delivery.    

    The company has a number of industry senior power design, BMS development, quality and safety management experts, and has built an industry-leading professional laboratory and aging test room for energy storage power products. In order to ensure the quality and safety of products, all energy storage products must pass the reliability test of more than 60 items in 6 categories, including cell, function, safety, machinery, environment and aging before leaving the factory.   

    Keyshop Sci&Tech has a complete service system for the whole process of mold development, component molding, whole machine assembly and so on. It has a production capacity of 200000 energy storage power products per year.   

    In 2021, the company will focus on the new energy strategy and develop outdoor mobile energy storage power products with power ranging from 300W-5000W (ternary lithium + lithium iron phosphate) based on the team's experience in cooperation with world-renowned brands to meet customer differentiation. , Serialization, high-quality product demand.

    Keyshop Sci&Tech is a professional one-stop service provider of portable energy storage products.   


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